Monday, 2 April 2018

Hello Friends

Hi my friends

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, maybe spent time with the family or just found time to craft as the weather was not as good as previous Easter holidays.

Yesterday we had Craig, Pia, Claire Toby Phoenix & Evie Bear over for dinner. It was a lovely day and enjoyed lots of cuddles. Since my last blog saying I had the dreaded lurgie, the secondary infections were worse than the actual cold/flu. Claire and I had dreadful neuralgia affecting our ears head and neck. Poor little Phoenix also caught it and he'd just had his jabs and the meningitis one too but soldiered through it bless him. On Saturday Paul was going to cancel Easter Sunday but I said no! So I dosed up with pain meds and we managed to get through the day relatively pain free. Woke up today and touch wood only minimal pain now, long may it continue.

Because of the infection I really couldn't do anymore to the cards for Evelyn & Phoenix and they are missing the flowers I'd had in mind to do with foamiran, so I quickly made the 3d hare and rabbit to hold some money for a toy for Phoenix & something for Evelyn's garden at the crematorium or for her garden at home to go in the card. Claire loved the cards and the little animal too, so all turned out well.

I'm looking after Phoenix tomorrow while Claire & Toby are going out for lunch together. If I have as much fun with him as I had yesterday we are going to have a fab time.

Because Toby is on holiday before he starts his new job, I said I would only go over if they needed me so I am hoping to get in my sanctuary and use my foamiran and make some roses and attach them to cards.

Thank you for taking the time out to return to my blog as I know they have been few & far between. I must try harder!

OH excuse the kitchen roll and the untidy look of the room, and I didn't even get the little studio out. I'm not always this sloppy!!

Here goes!

Hope you like what you see.

Look forward to seeing you all again.

Sending love & hugs

Tina XX

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Evelyn's Day 03-03-2016

Hi my Friends

Today 03-03-2018 Evelyn was 2. I cannot believe that we have got up everyday and dealt with life, dealing with problems, health worries, anxieties  another pregnancy and a wonderful arrival. Even now I can't believe how we arrived here 2 years later remembering our beautiful Granddaughter Evelyn, but here we are, how on earth did we get here. Where has that time gone.

I don't know if any of you believe in signs that show that our loved ones are near, but I do, especially since Evelyn passed. I won't say what because non believers will always try and put they're slant on things, but it gives me comfort to deal with everyday and I'm not harming anyone am I.

We are going out with Claire Toby & Phoenix today to celebrate Evelyn. Hopefully Craig & Pia can make it too.

Since we last spoke here I thought my croaky voice and cough was due to my allergies, but that night I went down with the lurgie. It wiped me out for 3 days, I really could not get out of bed other than to shower because of the horrendous sweats and Paul changing the bedding. Voice still dodgy and the cough is just as annoying, but definitely on the mend. Most annoying though is that I couldn't go and see Claire & Phoenix or my Craig.

I really hope you have all managed to avoid this awful bug, if not I hope you are all on the mend or at least having lots of cuddles.

This 1st make for Evelyn was something I saw on a well known online shop that wanted over £30 with postage & packaging. It got my brain cell into action and thought I could do that ( not exactly the same at all ) but at less than 3rd the price and made it more personal. The 2nd make is Evelyn's card.

Here Goes!

Now for the Card

 Looks much better in real life.

Hope you like the makes for Evelyn.

I really must invest in a better camera. Lovely to see you here again and I thank you so much for your support over the last 2 years. Thank you is such a small word but to me it has such a big meaning XX

See you soon

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tutorial of Frames

Hi Friends

June, as promised a step by step tutorial about the frame on Paul's card. I have to admit I used the pierced frames this time to see if they worked as well, I'll let you all comment about that, but if you want a tutorial on the plain frame I will be more than happy to do that too, you only have to yes!

I did think of doing a video instead of a frame by frame tutorial but my allergy is playing up big time and didn't think it would sound so sleek with the croaky voice and the occasional cough, not want anyone wants to hear, Right!. I can definitely tell spring is on the way at last! not just with my allergies, bring it on!, but for the lighter evenings, more importantly the thought of some more heat from warmer days to come, I can't wait.

OMG again I digress ( waffle ) please tell me to shut up and get on with it. ( be kind though )

Here Goes!

I used both sets of frames, but unknown to me at the time I only needed to use one set.

I used frame number 4 & 6 taped them down and passed through cutting machine. Number 1 being the smaller one.

I then added die number 5, and taped it down between 4 & 6. Don't try to lift the already taped down dies to insert die 5 as you could move die 4 & 6 there's really no need. tape in place 5th frame then emboss, DO NOT CUT.

This is what it should look like.

 Right side up. I then held it up against the light and it looked a bit thin, so I thought I would cut another frame the same size to add strength, but!

I took 4,5 & 6 frame from the B frame set which is slightly smaller. Not realising this at the time I carried on and made the same frame as above, only to find that it didn't match the 1st frame but I have to say I liked it more.

 These were both frames cut out. you can see the one on the left is slightly smaller ( that's the B frame ) I added thin sticky pads to the smaller frame and stuck it to the larger (A ) frame.

Using these dies above I achieved this frame below.

I hope this has been an informative tutorial, but if not please say WHAT! and I will help.

Thank you all for returning.

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 19 February 2018

Final Birthday Card For February

Hi my Friends

I hope you don't mind but I went back into one of my old boxes of cards and thought my sister won't remember this one, and she didn't, PHEW!!

I'm sorry if you remember this card and feel cheated of a new one but it's been an overwhelming couple of weeks of planning meals and get together's.

I will post Evelyn's card here, I just need to go through my dies to see which flowers I should use and to put my thinking cap on.

June. Just to say I will be doing the frame tutorial Wednesday and will post it later that day, as It's the only free day I have this week, sorry I didn't get to do it along with the card.

Here Goes!

Hope you like it if it's your 1st time or hope you like it 2nd time around.

See you Wednesday

Love And Hugs to all

Tina XX

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Round 2 of Birthday cards

Hi My Friends.

As promised 2 more cards. These are for Claire. Yet another birthday, my goodness I feel old, where have all those years gone. Craig came over to celebrate Claire's birthday today 16th Feb. He didn't stay too long after his meal as he is still not up to par, but he did go home with a lot of sausage rolls I baked for a snack for later ( his favourite's ). He rang when he got home and was feeling a lot better. You never stop worrying about your children, no matter how old they are. Every time they leave to go home and until you hear they get home safely I seem to get a few more grey hairs.

Anyway enough waffle, onto the promised cards.

Here Goes!!

 I thought I would leave the back ground to Claire's card plain as there was so much going on on the main focus.

 The white roses I made by adding the pearl pixie powders which really doesn't show in these pictures, but in real life they look really pretty.

I'm really loving my go press & foil machine, and they are now bringing out go cut and press dies which look really good.

I made a card for Claire From Evelyn & Phoenix after finding this stamp/ die for my go press & foil machine as she really is a very special mummy.

 I used the red pixie powder on the rose, dried it , then sprinkled a little gold pixie powder added a bit of water which was just enough to give it a hint of gold on the petals.

 I used an old product on the edges of the card. Do you remember the little strips ( peel offs ) I think they were called. Well I found a whole folder full on my shelf and thought that will do nicely just to take the raw edge off the card! Some times the old things are the best?

And finally Birthday Girl/Mummy & Phoenix at 36 & my little man at 14wks

I just love him to pieces. Claire, Craig & I had a lovely Steak birthday lunch, well Claire & Craig did. I cooked lunch, Phoenix woke up just as I was dishing up, so I fed Phoenix and had much enjoyed chats and cuddles instead of lunch. Much better than a piece of steak. I saved mine to have with Paul for dinner tonight. What an absolutely lovely day I've had.

Last card will be on Sunday, possibly a blast from the past for my sister unless I have all day tomorrow to make her one. I'll show it here even though you might remember it ( sorry if you do ). The next new card is for Evelyn for March the 3rd. Claire wants us all to spend the day together to celebrate her birthday and what Evelyn has achieved since she passed, which is amazing, bless her.

Well I'm off for an early night as I'm really Creamed Crackered, I really must learn to go to bed before 3am.

It's now 12.35am and Paul has just been called out for work and asked if I would still be up when he comes in. So maybe not an early night tonight! Hey Ho!!.

Take care everyone, Talk soon

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 12 February 2018

Birthday cards 1&2

Hi my blog friends

Well, I'm sat here in my workroom all 3 cats snoozing and Half Pint is sleeping in between me and the back of the chair. It's just turned midnight. Paul has just gone to bed and said he has had a wonderful birthday with Phoenix Claire, Toby and my sister. It was only marred by Craig Pia not being able to make it as Craig was unwell. I have spoken to him after everyone had gone home and he was feeling a little better. I really love this time in my workroom when the house goes quiet and think of the busy day we had and all the cuddles with Phoenix. It felt like my birthday too. 

As promised 2 birthday cards, 3 more to come. 2 for Claire for next Sunday and 1 for my sister Chicky.

Can I first start off by saying that I dislike making man cards sooo much. Paul doesn't like football, cricket, will tolerate golf, and I won't encourage him with a Sue Wilson Man Grill Bar-B-Q as Paul has to be the worst Bar-B-Qer. He likes everything microwaved first so that it is cooked through and then it goes onto the Bar-B-Q until black. My homemade bar-B sauce unrecognizable when cooked, it's just black. When we are all sat eating his food and having a laugh everyone has black speckled teeth, not a good look!! Hey Ho!, I digress.

I used my new Go Press & Foil machine for the sentiment ob the cards which I'm really quite impressed with, although the machine I had for Christmas kept turning it's self off which was a complete pain, so I phoned the company and they sent out another machine within 2 day's, they were brilliant, ( Crafty Devils ). I digress again. If you're bored please just go straight to the cards. I cut and embossed a picture frame and thought I would do it twice for strength but picked up the smaller frames instead. I was getting so frustrated I thought that will just have to do but, I thought that doesn't look too bad so stuck some pads on the back and attached it to the larger frame. Happy accident maybe? I have also succumbed to Pixie powders. I used red on red for the bottom of Paul's card and it had a black accent to it. When it had dried I then scored the card. I also used pixie powders for the balloons on the Grandad card too and I'm going to use them on at least 1 of Claire's. I hope it doesn't get too monotonous, and get pixie powder overload.

Here Goes!

OK that's Paul's card, now for a more fun card for Grandad.

Well that's it for this post. I hope you liked the cards. It's flowers for Claire's cards in the next post. Really looking forward to making them again.

See you all soon.

Love & Hugs

Tina XX