Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend, it's been a bit/ lot wet & windy here, I hope you all had a good one if you did manage to get some sunshine.

Today ( Monday morning ) I had to take the cats for their booster jabs, I didn't take Summer as at 19 you wouldn't want to be shoved in a cage and driven miles to the vet, so I fed Summer with some fish while I bundled the other 3 in the car. It was such heavy rain and I took each one out to the car under an umbrella, then when I reached the vets I then had to take each one in one at a time in their baskets  under the umbrella, and then when they had been given their jabs I had to do the same thing, one at a time to the car for the journey home and then back indoors. The cats were as dry as a bone and I looked an absolute Wreck, what we do for our pets. 

Last week it was mentioned that I should buy a lottery ticket as luck comes in 3's. I had my contract extended for 6 months with Creative Expressions, and  the most positive outcome from my results from the hospital, but the 3rd one has blown us away, our daughter Claire is going to have our first grandchild. We have hit the jackpot!! Loads of tears & champers ( not Claire ) was had by all. We did know a few weeks back, but Claire wanted to wait for her 1st scan. I can't put into words just how happy I am. Maybe I should still buy a lottery ticket anyway, as I think this little bundle is going to cost us a small fortune. What a lucky, lucky lady? I am.

I promise it will not be baby talk from now until March.. but, Did I tell you that Claire sent me a picture of the scan and you can see the baby perfectly, and it's only 2 inches long the size of a brussel sprout apparently .. OK that's it!  promise.

I know I said I was going out on a blaze of colour, but couldn't ditch the White. So here is a White, Pink & Black card with lots of sparkle. Just had to end Christmas with a flutterby.

I have had a very merry Christmas card making, and wish you all have a fantastic Christmas when it comes around for real, and hope that the lovely products I have been sent from CE, have given you  a few ideas. Hope you like this one too!!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Snow Fibre Paper
Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Black, Pink & Coconut white
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Dandelion Clocks
Sue Wilson- Festive collection- Merry Christmas
Sue Wilson-       "              "       - Classic Poinsettia
Sue Wilson-       "              "       - Classic Poinsettia- Open Petal
Sue Wilson-       "              "       - Holly Sprays

Big Hugs to all you lovely ladies

Tina XX

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Good evening ladies

I'm really sad to write this tonight, but I feel I have to.

There is a lot of negativity and messages of bullying on my blog this week. I started my blog Just before joining Creative Expressions Design Team a year ago and have had nothing but positive comments about my work and some have literally reduced me to tears as they were so lovely.

I have always maintained that if you have taken time out to visit my blog and leave me a comment then you deserve a reply, even if it is just a heartfelt thank you.

People have told me sad things in their lives and I know lots of you ladies have shared in my sorrows and my joys just recently here in the past year or more even in the last 2 weeks, and this is how I want my blog to stay. and let the genuine people who enjoy crafting and have some banter or just say what they are going through, and be able to come here and read only nice thoughts and positivity.

I had to say all this as I love my blog, and need it to continue my crafting.

No more please

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another Let It Snow

Good Tuesday morning to all,

I hope you all had a good weekend, putting the weather aside, it has been bad. My flowers have been battered and they submitted to the battering and have all fallen over. Short of mouth to mouth I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they pick up.

Thank you all so much for your lovely messages regarding my results, I'm just so lucky to have such a lovely group of ladies on my blog.

This weeks card is another white on white, but a really quick one. I found by folding the fibre paper in half, it really did help with the cutting time .  For next weeks card I will go out on a blaze of colour for my last Christmas card, or at least I think it will be the final Christmas card. Haven't heard what is on the cards  for next month yet! Watch this space it could be Christmas again in September YAY!

Also I would like to share some more good news CE have offered me another contract to stay on the design team. Which if they still want me I am going to accept. Yet another piece of good news for me.

Here goes my penultimate Christmas card ?

I know some of the pictures are the same but, I have taken them in different light exposure to show how much it varies from overhead lighting to spot light lighting. It's quite difficult to do white on white photographs. Anyway enough techy talk, I hope you like this one too. Have a fab week one and all!X

Products used:-

Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Snowflake corner, border & tag die
Sue Wilson-         "               "     - Peeking snowflake, for the sentiment
Sue Wilson-         "               "     - Snowflakes
Sue Wilson-         "               "     - Holly sprays
Sue Wilson-         "               "     - Classic poinsettia open petals 
Sue Wilson-         "               "     - Classic poinsettia
Couture Creations- Embossing folder- Swiss dots
Foundation- Coconut white card
Creative Expressions- Antique silver card
Creative Expressions- Snow fibre paper, for snowflakes and poinsettias
Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice.

First of all I did my usual matt and layer with the black silver and coconut white card , embossing the coconut white card with the Swiss dots EF . I then cut 2 borders and attached to either side of the card with dimensional tape.I cut several snowflakes and curved them for a more 3d effect and added them to the border. I then cut small snowflakes and covered them with the ice snow glitter and added them for the centre of all the snowflakes.  I Then put sticky pads on the smaller matt and layer for added dimension. I Cut poinsettia's out in 2 sizes with the classic poinsettia die and several layers of the open petal poinsettia dies all with the fibre paper and arranged each to make a poinsettia flower. I cut some holly sprays and cut them to make  them go further as foliage. Finally I cut the let it snow die and covered it with iced snow and attached to the card. Hope this makes sense, if not ask questions and I will reply to you.

Have a good week, same Time same Place next week. See you!!

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 10 August 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone

Thank you all for taking time out to visit my blog, It's lovely to see you back again or if you are visiting for the 1st time. Welcome.

I have been waiting 9/10 weeks to hopefully share some good news with you all. I had a health scare ( lady problems ). Scared, I went to the doctors and expected her to say this is normal, but she didn't. I went for a CT scan which she put as urgent and nearly 3 &1/2 weeks later I got an appointment, then waited 2 weeks for results only to be told I had to go and have a biopsy under local anesthetics. I had a very large polyp removed and a biopsy, but no local anesthetic was offered. That was a bit painful. I waited another 2 weeks for results only to be told I needed further investigation. I was in pieces and thinking the worse, but 5 days later I went in for a womb biopsy under general anesthetics. Another 1st for me, so I do consider myself lucky to have got to my age and not had a General anesthetic, I waited another 2 weeks for results, Anyway, I am so happy to say that I do not have the dreaded C. I have to go and have some sort of intervention but nothing to worry about. This episode had put my life on hold for such a long time and I know if I hadn't had my DT cards to do I would have gone mad. Lucinda at CE asked if I wanted to take time off, but I said the cards for CE are keeping me sane. So now I can move forward and start living again, as my life was totally on hold, the only thing I did for all those weeks was my DT cards as I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Paul has been amazing and reassuring me all the way through, I think he is a little greyer though, but Claire and Craig had no idea, but we have all been celebrating ever since. They have stopped but I'm still going.!!! YAY.

Sorry, now about the card. I'm sorry if you are getting bored with white, glitter and poinsettias, but I made a plan over the last few weeks to use these items so maybe next week I'll try something different, but don't hold your breath as I love doing more is more cards.

Here we go then!!

 Products used:-

Foundation Card- Black/ Coconut White
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection - Dove of peace
Sue Wilson-       "              "         - Snowflake Background
Sue Wilson-       "              "         - Snowflakes
Sue Wilson-       "              "         - Classic Poinsettia- Open Petals
Sue Wilson-       "              "         - Classic Poinsettia
Sue Wilson-       "              "         - Holly Sprays
Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice
Sue Wilson- Snowflake Lattice- Embossing Folder
Creative Expressions- Snow Fibre Paper- for making poinsettias

How to make:-

 I have made my usual matt & layering on both sizes and embossing the coconut white card.I covered all the the flakes with crystals. I then cut 2 of the background die and used a sticky sheet to adhere it to coconut card and then covered it with Glasier ice.

I then cut several of Sue's snowflake and poinsettia dies of various sizes and layered them as I thought looked good, but you might like a different take on it, it's totally up to you, you make it as personal as you like. The 2nd layer of the background die I attached using sticky pads to the sparkly background for dimension and arranged the poinsettias and snow flakes on top. Finally I cut 2 holly sprays and cut them to make leaves for the poinsettias.

I hope you like this one too.

Have a good, happy & healthy week

Big Hugs Always

Tina XX

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Another Mobile Christmas Card

Good Tuesday Morning everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and for those who leave me a comment an even bigger Thank you.

I hope you all had a good week, even though the weather has been so varied up and down the country, and of course, Spain. Jane are you still frying over there?

We had a lovely time Saturday with Claire & new hubby, Craig & his girlfriend & the in-laws, it was a lovely family get together. Brilliant food & drinky poos, Fab day!!.

Right back to business. My card this week is made by using Sue's snowflake die. It is another mobile Christmas card, not like the spinning Christmas tree card I made 2 weeks ago. This is in a frame of about 1/2" deep and it moves when the air is moved. It's sparking away at the moment as the ceiling fan is on and is making it sway.

I hope you all have a good week, stay safe & healthy.

I hope you like this one

First I did a matt & layer of black card, silver and coconut white, and using the embossing folder for the white card. I then made a 2nd later using the same 3 cards. I then cut a picture frame using the grande squares. I cut several sizes of Sue's snowflake dies, glittered them and positioned them around the card. Next I cut a few of the larger snowflake dies and layered them for dimension and also curled them forward to give a 3D effect. I attached the large flake on a piece of cord and hung it from the frame so that it swings. I made a bow and added a snowflake to the centre. Finally I added the sentiment to bottom right hand corner and covered it with black glitter. OH I forgot I added a bow of tuille too under the bow.

products used:-

Foundation Card- Coconut White/ black
Couture Creations- Swiss dots
Spellbinders- Grande Squares
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Snowflakes
Sue Wilson-       "              "        - Peeking Snowflake
Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice
Creative Expressions- Snow Fibre Paper