Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Hi Friends

THANK YOU for keeping everything crossed, and for all the best wishes sent my way. I'm sooo pleased they all worked. The results came back, no Hyperplasia or Malignancy found in the Biopsy. Because the previous year results came back as abnormal cells they feel I have to have another scan in 6 months and if that is fine they will discharge me. I can't put into words how relieved I am. I can now start to look forward without this dark cloud hanging over me. I think I am so, so Lucky. Thank You all. XX

This is just one of the fluffy cuddles ( Half Pint ) I have had throughout my hospital time. If I can keep the cats from running around enough to take a photo I will post those pictures of them too.

Big Hugs Always

Tina XX

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Long awaited Daffodil Tutorial

Hi My lovely friends.

before I post the tutorial I would like to thank you all for your positive thoughts and best wishes for a good results after my biopsy's. On the 27th July I had to go back to the hospital for a check up from last years health scare. I had a couple of scans and then had a consultation with the specialist who said it looked like the abnormal cells had grown slightly and that she would like to do a biopsy there and then. I got taken into a room where she took 2 biopsy's and said that she would like me to have a  more in depth biopsy under a general. On the 28th July I had a phone call from the hospital asking if I could go in on Monday 1st August. I just panicked thinking they had found something. I arrived at the hospital 12.30pm and eventually went down about 3.30pm. When I came round, they said they couldn't find me a bed and that they would just send me home straight away. At this point I couldn't even lift my arms let alone walk out. Day surgery then rang through and said they had a spare bed for me, so my bed was pulled out into a corridor where my bed was attached to  little motorized cart and was driven over to the other side of the hospital. It was like the dodgems, if he hit one wall he must have hit a dozen. It was the most uncomfortable 10 minute ride I've ever had,we went from one side of the hospital to the other but the nurse that had to walk along side me had a wicked sense of humor and didn't let him get away with any knock into the walls, doors or dodging pedestrians, and also a ride in a lift too, at first the lift wouldn't move and I panicked and said I need to get out. I can't stand lifts. I was so glad the whole procedure was over I think I would have let him drive me all the way home with that little cart, that would have been a sight to see, me laying in bed a nurse running beside me and this young trainee doctor dodging the cars on the Salisbury bypass. Oh and with a big umbrella to boot as it was chucking it down. It would have looked like a Carry on Film. Stick with me girls I could show you a fun time, what do you reckon!

Regarding the tutorial, I was going to take a few more pictures of the finished flower, but yesterday Paul's brother and his wife came over for some drinks and eats and Liz asked if I had done any crafting lately. I said not since I made Claire and Toby's 2nd Anniversary card, and that the card was all about daffodil's,  when I posted Claire & Toby's card I was asked if in time would do a tutorial for the daffodil. Which I did, and for months I only had to put narration to the pictures but never found the energy to do that, sorry!

 Liz ( sister in law ) asked if she could see the daffodil, so I went to my workroom to get the said flower. I went out to the garden with replenished glasses of wine and said to Liz, this is the flower that is going on my blog tomorrow. She looked at it and said how pretty it was, then opened her handbag and said to Ellie dog. I'll put this in my handbag before you stand on it and crush it. I shall keep this with all my other cards you have made for me. Paul said my face was a picture as he thought she just wanted to see the flower and not take it home. I wanted to say Nooooo, but she seemed so happy to take that little daffodil home I didn't have the heart to say I still need it. So I hope I have taken enough pics for this tutorial. Later in conversations they both admitted that their hearing is really bad lately. so it makes it even more special that she thought I had made that flower for her.

Here Goes!

 These are the items you will need to make the daffodil.

I found it made a more full centre by cutting 2 lots of stamens.

I then shaded the petals and added some veins with a vert fine ball tool.

I then glued the centre of the flower into a tapered cylinder shape.

Then you need to fold the bottom inwards to make a base to glue to the other petals, also you need to fold the top outwards, sorry didn't take a picture but you'll see this 2 pictures down.

Next, start layering the leaves and petals onto the calyx.

Then add the cylinder to the petals.

I then glue both sets of the stamens together, then rolled them, lightly dipped the tips with clear glue and then into some flower-soft. That's a product from the past isn't it. Do they still make this product?

Finally glue the stamens to the centre of the flower.

Hope you like it.X

At this point my lovely friends, I would like to say a very very big heartfelt thank you to you all for  sharing some of the saddest and darkest days of our lives. You have cried with me sent endless hugs and never ending love. Your support over the last 5 months has been constant, to me that is called true friendship and I love each and everyone of you for still being here for us. Thank you is just not enough but it truly comes from my heart.xx

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Thursday, 4 August 2016

At Peace At Last

                         RIP Beautiful Anthea. XX   

Yesterday, 03-08-2016 Anthea was finally laid to rest in a beautiful cemetery on a hill in Strood after a beautiful Greek orthodox service. It's so hard to think that she will never grace our lives again with her beautiful face, her laugh that would carry across the house that would bring a smile to everyones face knowing Claire had shared yet another special moment with Anthea. This was a very special lady that came into our lives and allowed us to share her son with us, who we love very much.

Claire took on board what many of you lovely ladies said to do, and made Jake a beautiful scrapbook of all our special times together, and Jake absolutely loved it. Thank you X. She sat with Jake after the funeral and looked at the pictures, but he has yet to read the words. In time he will. He has asked to see Claire again soon, so hopefully we can get together again soon.

It was a very long day for Claire Craig & Paul. They left at 8am and Paul got in at 8pm. I was so sad that I couldn't go to the funeral, and felt so bad, only to watch the clock at every step of Anthea's goodbye. Timing of things have been so bad for us all. I had a couple of procedures on Monday in Salisbury hospital, and only got home at 6pm that evening. Talk about bad timing. I did get ready on Wednesday morning to go to Kent, but Paul said no way!. It's a 3 hour journey there a 2 hours service standing, the wake, and then 3 hours home. I felt I had let Claire down as I really wanted to be there for her, but Paul said he would make sure she was OK. I spoke to Claire when she got home, I cried with her and said I was so sorry not to be there when she needed me, and she said it was too soon after your op mum and Anthea would have understood too.

I have only wonderful memories of Anthea, and all the intense and funny conversations we had, weeks days & literally just hours before you slipped away from us. My goodness Anthea, these words are not good enough to tell you how much we love you and how much we will miss you always. 

God Bless & Keep you Safe Sweetheart.XX

We are all hoping for some more positive results, God willing, so that at last the Eldridge clan can look forward to some happiness as it has been lacking here on my blog for a long while. I'm so sorry about that, but I'm just so lucky to have you all here by my side through all our sadness. Thank you all so much. It has been relentless. Get my health scare out of the way and we will be back. I hope I still know how to make cards. I have the tutorial of the daffodil ready to go, but never seemed to be the right time. I will check it again tomorrow and all being well will press publish at the weekend. Please don't expect too much!

Thank you all so much again for your patience.

Big Big Hugs & Love

Tina XX