Monday, 21 November 2016

Coooooo eeeeee, it's only me are you there

Hello my lovely patient friends

It's been a while, over a month in fact. I've been in a really sad place and couldn't find any way to talk here.

I had an absolutely fantastic day out with Claire & Evie Bear for an afternoon tea for my birthday, as you can tell from the photo's of the food and company ( I have to say we had tucked into the sandwiches before I thought I had better take some piccies ). Some children came in while we were eating  and commented about Evie Bear with big smiles. After we had eaten we had a walk around the hotel, the rooms we came across were stunning the photo's just don't do them justice. We then walked for a while in the beautiful gardens of Rhinefield House and said we would definitely go back with the family and walk all of the grounds, After an afternoon tea of course!

I have spoken to a couple of you on the phone and you have cheered me up no end, Thank you, and some of you have emailed me and sent doggy hugs too. It has meant so much to me and I can only say I'm sorry that I haven't replied, I wanted to but when I sat in front of the computer the last thing you needed to hear was how down & sad I was, as some of you have been going through tough times too.

To Angela, Hazel,Wheely bad (T), Steph, Jeanie, Lynn, Myra, Maureen, Clare, "P in Wales", Wendy, Tracy, Norah & June, A big Thank you for all of your messages on my candle lighting blog. Such lovely and thoughtful words XX.

I have to say to June I had no idea you have been in hospital to have a knee op. I really hope you are on the mend and that you will be running the London marathon soon (Sorry), Seriously, sending you hugs X.

Myra Thank you for returning and wishing me Happy birthday X

SuzzieQ. Beautiful poem, I showed Claire and she cried and said she was/ is here and still is in so many special ways. Thank you X

Jane, Thank you for my musical birthday message on my phone. It made me chuckle. X

Steph, A huge Thank you for my beautiful flowers, like I told you they made me cry. They were stunning and my favourite sunshine colours.XX

T. I will write to you & Billy soon. Hugs X

Here are some Pictures of my afternoon tea with Claire & Evie Bear. Another very special memory made to treasure.

Everywhere we go we write Evelyn's name on a stone, a forest walk out of flowers or twigs and most of all on beaches in the sand so Evelyn travels with all the family and friends on our holidays. So far she has been to many states in America the great wall of China, and many places in the UK. We take photo's and send them to Claire & Toby. They can't believe how much everyone loves them and thinks of Evelyn everyday.

I saw a stamp on Becca Feeken's blog and thought I need this one for Evelyn. It reads

I Will Write Peace
on Your Wings
and You Will Fly
All Over the World.

I also finished a card. I'm not too happy with it though. Paul has said for many days now that I need to get back into making cards, something that makes you happy or he will think of closing the workroom down. So, I started this card on Friday, couldn't be arsed on Saturday and was told to finish it on Sunday. If I'd stretched it out over 7 day's I could have made a song like Craig David. So this is all my mojo could muster, my mind is mush, but it's a start.

Cooo eeeee, still here. Sorry it's been a long blog. Pillows & duvets available if needed. Hope you liked the pictures and the card. XX

Thank you all again for your patience with me.

love & hugs Always

Tina XX